Ancient dZi Beads from 2500BC to 500AD.
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              Ancient gZi/dZi Beads from 2500BC - 600AD                          
First, let it be said..... my beads are not for sale, I am a collector not a dealer, so I don't sell beads, particularly not my own.
This page links to photos of dZi beads I have personally collected over the years. The pleasure I have got from searching for these beads and the joy of finding them cannot be understood by just looking at the pictures. They are not by any means all of the beads that I have bought. Sadly a good many were stolen, which I have to take the blame for as it was my negligence that caused their loss.
India and Nepal, being Third World countries, are full of people whose only means of survival is by their wits, and when temptation is placed in front of them it is hard to ignore, and sadly I suffered the consequences. It was a lesson well learned and hasn't been repeated, but it was a hard lesson to bear. 
The etched Carnelian necklace is a true Museum piece. It originally came from a family in Bhutan, and as I understood it it had been in the family for many generations. The beads have been matched in pairs and it contains many unusual types. The beads vary in age from over 2000BC - the sixth century AD.
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