Ancient dZi Beads from 2500BC to 500AD



Favourite Web Sites.

There are so few sites selling genuine dZi that it is hard to find more that one or two to recommend. I would also like to point out that while I recommend these website as sellers of genuine beads, I do not neccessarily agree with the prices being charged and it is up to the purchaser to research the market thoroughly to establish the current market prices before they make a purchase. Genuine old dZi is becoming harder and harder to find, and that is being reflected in the prices. You need deep pockets to be able to afford dZi at today's prices!

I am investigating a couple of other websites to recommend and will put links to them here if I am happy with the quality and prices of the beads they sell. 

An excellent website, and non commercial, like my own. Run by a friend, Gunnar Muhlmann, it is a mine of information and a has fantastic selection of rare and wonderful beads and well worth the visit.


Garuda Trading

One of the few websites that sell genuine dZi. Run by an English guy called James Wainwright. He also has an excellent blog where you can learn more about beads. However his prices can be expensive, and he does sell new dZi, though that is clearly indicated.


Vajra Gallery

A website that is dedicated to all things Tibetan, and regularly has genuine dZi beads for sale. Like above, prices can be on the expensive side.


House of Destiny

This website sells real but expensively priced dZi. They also have a shop based in Singapore.


Bead Forum

A forum where various aspects of beads are discussed and analysed. A good place for those interested in the history of beads in general.


eBay. There are certain sellers of genuine old etched and unetched dZi beads that I can recommend. If you require such a list then please get in touch with me.... here