Etched Carnelian and Agate Necklace

Ancient dZi Beads from 2500BC to 500AD

Etched Carnelian and Agate Necklace and Beads

The collection below were bought from a Tibetan refugee in Dharamsala.

It is very rare to find Polka dot carnelians, these are the first that I have

seen in all my years of collecting in India.

Etched Carnelian beads incl. rare Polka dot beads

Close up

Extremely finely decorated etched, faceted agate and carnelians


A string of exquisitely decorated faceted carnelians and agates, the quality of which is second

to none. There is the odd less finely decorated bead, but the majority are etched with the most

delicate of lines, made all the more difficult because they are made along the edges of the faceting.

I have never seen work of this quality in all the years that I have been collecting

and I was delighted to make such a wonderful find.


Etched Carnelian and Agate Necklace


A beautiful necklace that I heard once belonged to a family in Bhutan. The beads probably have

been collected over many generations, and comprise of a variety of different types. Small Phum dZi,

soccer beads, small Pyu two eye, Sun beads, striped, a double Goat's eye, round, tablet, cylindrical,

octagonal, trapezoidal, biconical, wedge and rhomboid. Note the old Swastika symbol on the

round bead near the top of the main picture. A symbol of good fortune. It was only in modern

history that it became a symbol of evil. The smallest beads are only 6mm ranging up to 25mm.

Apart from the central bead they are all roughly paired. 78 beads in all, and valued at $6000+.

Etched Carnelian Necklace

Detail of Etched Carnelian necklace