Ancient dZi Beads from 2500BC to 500AD.
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About Me

      Kevin Ball, India 2001
I have been collecting dZi in India, Pakistan and Nepal for over 30 years, and over that time I have gained an extensive knowledge of dZi, especially in relation to whether the beads are genuine or not. Sadly I have not yet been to Tibet, due to
the constraints on travelling around the country. Unfortunately all tourists are monitored and are not really allowed to travel freely. I find it impossible to visit there under these circumstances.
Below are some pictures of my favourite places in India where I also find dZi. Also some pictures of Tibet are included.
McLeod Ganj, Dharamsala, current residency of HH the Dalai Lama
Dharamsala from McLeod Ganj
Temple in Temple Road McLeod Ganj
Giant Prayer Wheel in Temple above
Dhola Dur Mountains above McLeod Ganj
Dhola Dur Mountains above McLeod Ganj
Protest against Chinese occupation of Tibet in May 2004

Little Vagator Beach
Big Vagator Beach
Sunset at Vagator
Shiva Carving on "Spaghetti" Beach, Vagator
Cattle on the Beach
My favourite beach shack "Shiva Restaurant" in Vagator with Vinod, the boss.
Crazy looking Banyan tree near Baga
Another shot of the tree, like something by Dali!
Traditional Outrigger Fishing Boat, Fort Aguada
Fort Aguada Beach
Large Kingfisher fishing in the sea at Vagator.       
Arambol Beach

Bizzare looking Jack Fruit Tree, Anjuna, Goa

Malana Village 3000+ meters above sea level. Much of it was destroyed in a fire in 2008.
 Kasol Village with Parvati River in front.
Himalayas above Manikaran before snow storm
Himalayas above Manikaran after snow storm
Parvati River at Kasol
The Himalayas
Parvati River cutting through small gorge
Parvati River at Manikaran
Local footpath in forest between Kasol and Chhchh(yes it's really spelt that way!)
Remote Valley off Kasol            
Local children in Kasol
The Enfield Bullet, once Royal, now almost!
Archetypal Indian shop, Kasol 
Dodgy local scaffolding, Kasol.
Sikh Gurudwara, Manikaran with Parvati River in full spate
Parvati river at Manikaran
Pots of rice being cooked in a hot spring, Shiva Temple, Manikaran
Temple destroyed by floods, Manikaran
                Parvati River in calm phase, Kasol                                                      A devotee of Lord Shiva

Pushkar, Rajasthan.
Early morning by the ghats. 2001
Pushkar Ghats 2001
Pushkar from the rooftops 1996
As above
 The following pictures are of Tibet at its best. I have never been there because the authorities do not allow foreign tourists
to travel freely or unescorted. When and if they do, I shall definitely go and visit.
I think that you will agree that Tibet is the most stunningly beautiful place. The terrible shame to me is that the freedom
of these wonderful people has been usurped in the way it has, and I would urge any who agree, to contact your government representatives and register your disapproval and ask them to put pressure on the Chinese Government to bring an end
to this occupation and allow the Tibetans autonomy in their own land.